Inspiring workshops

Weather Impact organizes inspiring workshops. Our enthusiastic experts take you into the world of extreme weather and climate change and show how you are vulnerable to weather. These workshops can be organized at our Amersfoort office, but can also be at a location of your preference.  Workshops can be given in Dutch or English.  The following workshops are available, but our experts can also be hired to give a tailored workshop or presentation. 


Understanding climate change

Climate change is increasingly recognized as one of the most significant challenges that society faces this century. The science that helps us understanding the processes of climate change is, however, quite complex. In this workshop climate change will be explained in a clear and understandable manner. Questions like: "how does climate change happen?",  "what do(n't) we know about climate change?" and "how will climate change affect us?" will be answered. At the end of the workshop also innovative solutions for dealing with climate change are presented.

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Weathering the next storm: business resilience

Extreme weather is expected to be more severe and happen more frequent, due to climate change. Already, extreme weather imposes significant costs for society and business. Extreme weather affects finance and assets, markets, logistics, employees and rules and regulations. How is your organization impacted by extreme weather? What can be expected for the future? How are other organizations preparing for these risks?

In this interactive workshop you will learn about the impact of extreme weather and climate change on your organization. Understanding these impacts can increase profitability and growth. 

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Hot times in the city

Extreme weather is expected to be more severe and happen more frequent, due to climate change. This includes storms, flooding, but also droughts and high temperatures. Due to differences in geography, historical circumstances, and national institutions, different cities will face different challenges. At the same time, there are some basic commonalities across cities with regards to common adaptation challenges. How will your city be influenced by climate change. Is your city prepared for the effects of climate change? How resilient is your city to extreme weather at this moment?

In this interactive workshop a broad range of questions will be discussed and innovative tools will be presented. 

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About Weather Impact

Who we are

Weather Impact is a global weather company, specialized in the risks of extreme weather and climate change. We are active in all sectors and industries in which important decisions or business continuity is influenced by (extreme) weather. 
Weather Impact is established in 2014 by two weather and water experts: Gerrit Hiemstra and Arnold Lobbrecht. These business partners have worked together for 15 years in many projects and in training operators.
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