Agriculture & Food

Growers and producers of crops fundamentally rely on accurate and reliable weather information. Weather affects almost every aspect of agricultural business from determining the timing of harvest, to efficiently ventilating greenhouses. Extreme weather causes lower yields, crop destruction or an increase in production costs. Also the supply chain and production facilities are dependent on reliable weather forecasts.

The agricultural products of Weather Impact give local information up to field level. Weather Impact supports agricultural business to optimize business and minimize expenditure by providing:

  • Site-specific 24/7 global weather monitoring and alert system
  • Alerts for storms and excessive rainfall
  • Frost/freeze alerts
  • Drought alerts
  • Lightening and thunderstorm monitoring
  • Specific alerts for ventilation, fertilizer spray, crop growth and the development of pests and disease (crop-specific)


About Weather Impact

Who we are

Weather Impact is a global weather company, specialized in the risks of extreme weather and climate change. We are active in all sectors and industries in which important decisions or business continuity is influenced by (extreme) weather. 
Weather Impact is established in 2014 by two weather and water experts: Gerrit Hiemstra and Arnold Lobbrecht. These business partners have worked together for 15 years in many projects and in training operators.
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