Tailored weather solutions

Better decision making using intelligent data analysis

Weather impacts business in many ways, including safety, production, planning and logistics. Weather is the leading cause of business disruptions, yet many companies lack a severe weather response plan, or it is outdated.

Our team works with you to provide fast, reliable and detailed weather information ensuring your business decisions are well informed. The experts of Weather Impact can prepare your business for the next weather-related crisis.

About Weather Impact

Who we are

Weather Impact is a global weather company, specialized in the risks of extreme weather and climate change. We are active in all sectors and industries in which important decisions or business continuity is influenced by (extreme) weather. 
Weather Impact is established in 2014 by two weather and water experts: Gerrit Hiemstra and Arnold Lobbrecht. These business partners have worked together for 15 years in many projects and in training operators.
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